2009 Los Angeles autoshow collage on Driving the Nation

A few of my favorite things: The Audi-etron, Audi R8 Lexus LFA, Mazda2, VW Uplift, Subaru hybrid tourer concept, Cadillac Converj concept, Lotus Evora, Fisker Karma are all some of the beautiful cars in this video from the 2009 Los Angeles auto show.

Johan de Nysschen, VP, Audi of America

Johan de Nysschen, Executive Vice President, Audi of America, sat down with Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, www.carlist.com at the 2009 Los Angeles Auto show. Audi is part of the global premium market, gaining sales in the United States. Where will Audi end up in the premium market this year, according to de Nyschen? Does Audi [...]

Chevrolet Volt at the 2009 LA Auto Show on Driving the Nation

Chevrolet Also Announces Partnerships with California Utilities to Study Regional Electric Vehicle Use, Infrastructure LOS ANGELES, CA “ Chevrolet announced today at the Los Angeles International Auto Show that the Volt electric vehicle will be in production in late 2010, and available for sale late next year in California. Pricing has not been announced. Chevrolet [...]

2009 LA Auto Show debuts alternative fuels & cars on MSNBC

MSNBC at the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show These cars have been introduced before, but never in North America. They are all alternative fuels or alternative vehicles. Audi e-Tron Concept - Audi first unveiled this electric vehicle at the Frankfurt Auto show.  If you love the R8 you'll love this ultra-luxury sportscar. This will put [...]

Bob Lutz, GM, at the 2009 LA Auto show

It should have been an omen. The keynote speaker for the 2009 Los Angeles Auto show was supposed to be Frederick “Fritz” Henderson. His name was spelled incorrectly on the schedule: “Henerson”. It should have been an omen. What was supposed to be a turnaround week for General Motors turned out to be [...]