Ingrid Paulus, Audi AG, on Car2Car

Ingrid Paulus, Head of Transport and Environment, AUDI AG talked to me at the 2010 Challenge Bibendum. There are cities in the world that have synced their stop lights to the stated speed. It makes sense. If the speed limit says 25 mph, I should be able to go 25 mph through my city without hitting [...]

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2010 Toyota Plug in Prius

Adam Crawford from the University of Toyota talks about the differences between the 2010 Toyota Plug-in Prius and the regular Prius. The cargo threshold has been raised to hold the lithium-ion battery pack. Crawford talks about the cooling system for the battery pack. Toyota has three separate blowers for the intake. Cool air blows in [...]

How bad will it be for BP? Think Toyota

A complete disaster, that could have been averted, or minimized by utilizing one piece of equipment that was available. “While BP is ultimately responsible for funding the cost of response and cleanup operations, my administration will continue to use every single available resource at our disposal,” President Barack Obama On the surface it might appear [...]

Simon Constable & Margaret Hoover on the Batchelor radio show

Simon Constable of Dow Jones, and Margaret Hoover of Fox News host the John Batchelor radio show on Saturday night. We talked about Toyota and their problems. Is this the end of Toyota's problems? Are things looking up for General Motors? Did General Motors pay back the government loan with money earned or money loaned [...]

General Motors pays back loan, Toyota rating dropped by Moodys

Toyota Rating Cut to Aa2 by Moody's Toyota has recalled more than 8 million vehicles, and halted production and sales on different vehicles. They have paid the government $16.4 million, the highest fine the government could fine them. They have another 180+ consumer and shareholder lawsuit's looming. Toyota's incentives on their vehicles are higher than [...]


Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced today that it has agreed to settle the civil penalty demanded in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations April 5 letter related to the companys recall for slow-to-return and sticky accelerator pedals by paying $16.4 million. The company said: “We agreed to this settlement in order to avoid a protracted [...]

Peter Wells, Neftex, on the future of oil and cars

Dr. Peter Wells is a Non-Executive director of Neftex. Neftex started earth modeling in 2003. The Neftex Earth Model now approaches full global coverage and has application to the Petroleum, Minerals, Finance, Groundwater and Publishing industries, and also to the emerging field of Carbon Capture and Storage. Wells talks about what the future supply of [...]

Toyota’s fine, Daimler Renault & GM brake override

Is Toyota's historic maximum $16 million fine levied by the US government precedent for the amount or admission of guilt with hundreds of other lawsuit's looming? General Motors announces they will have brake override on all their vehicles. Daimler and Renault/Nissan are about to announce a working relationship. Who benefit's? I discuss all of this [...]

Orange County, CA, D.A. Plans Civil Lawsuit against Toyota

According to the complaint filed by the District Attorney of Orange County, CA The fines could be: *Pursuant to Business and Professions Code section 17206, that Defendants, and each of them, be ordered to pay a civil penalty in the amount of two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00) for each violation of Business and Professions [...]

Alan Sheppard, chief interior designer, Rolls-Royce

Newport Beach, CA - Chief Interior Designer Alan Shepherd took me through the Rolls-Royce. Sheppard spent a lot of time talking about the dashboard, and the side door. The dashboard and side door shows no stitching,  a design first for Rolls-Royce and it gives the interior a more elegant look. Think of the difference between [...]

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