Is climate change real? Survey says

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What do citizens think about climate change and the capacity of climate action to create jobs and growth? Find out in the EIB-YouGov citizen's climate survey A large majority of Europeans well aware of the climate change issue but 20% still not feeling concerned despite recent IPCC warnings 14% of US citizens skeptical about the [...]

Emissions to rise in 2018 for first time in five years

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Carbon emissions from advanced economies set to rise in 2018 for the first time in five years, reversing a declining trend As countries meet at COP24, IEA data points to a setback for global efforts to limit emissions 4 December 2018 - The world’s advanced economies will see an uptick in their carbon dioxide emissions [...]

The argument for ZEV vehicles in California

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I was having a discussion with an acquaintance recently about zero emission vehicles and the how dirty the Fresno/Bakersfield area is. He rightly noted that transportation is light-duty vehicles are just a fraction of the emissions in those counties. He said he was not making a case for either Electric Vehicles nor hydrogen, and said [...]

Prepare your home and business for fire

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Although the devastating Camp Fire is now 100% contained, we are nowhere close to knowing the full extent of the damage or how many people have died or become injured due to the wildfires. As of November 26h, the death toll for the historically destructive “Camp Fire” in Northern California alone is 85, and that [...]

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