Samsung buys Harman for connecting in cars

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When you go to a segmented car starts breathing; one section at a time the car pulses. If you click on the cloud that hovers over the car, cyber security information comes up. Each group talks about a part of the connected car; data exchange, navigation, the cloud, connectivity, apps, connected interface, [...]

CES technology you’ve come a long way bandwidth

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What did bandwidth get you back in the 1980s? the 90s? the beginning of the 21st century? Brett Stark, Continental's telematics group goes through the levels of bandwidth. What year/decade did Level 1 bandwidth come on the market? What could one do on Level 1? We go through the levels of bandwidth with Stark and [...]

MEMS; the future of autonomous vehicles

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If you owned a 1979 vehicle, you were one of the first people to drive with a MEMS in their car. Today there are discussions on how many MEMS should be in cars. Bosch says there are about fifty What is a MEMS? Remember the BBC television show Keeping up Appearances? Part of the sitcom's [...]

Continental and Cisco, bridging borders, channel aggregating

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Zach Bolton, a Continental system engineer, talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation, about Continental AG's data channel aggregation What is Data channel aggregation? Bolton talks about the collaboration between Continental and Cisco Corporation. The collaboration allows people in the car access to more data links to the overall wifi cell phone plans [...]

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