How to make a road trip fun

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I love planning a road trip. Getting my girlfriends together and knowing you’re going to see a ton of open road, taking advantage of beautiful weather and seeing new places. Planning appropriately for a road trip is a bit stressful, though, but if you do it right, you could reduce any potential issues that you [...]

Driving tips for beginners

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Whether you have received a ticket for speeding or have been in an accident, there is always room for improvement when it comes to your driving skills. Being too confident is just as dangerous as hesitation, so revisiting the rules and updating your skills will always pay off. Not to mention that there are more [...]

Porch pirates, Christmas tree fires, Holiday hazards on the rise

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There's a new Study that shows that 26 MILLION AMERICANS Have Had Holiday Packages Stolen by PORCH PIRATES (And Just as Many Have Had HOLIDAY HOUSE FIRES). The data released on gift theft, Christmas tree fires, tree fires, home vandalism, car accidents, decorating injuries and other holiday hazards is staggering. AUSTIN, TEXAS (December 5, 2018)—There’s [...]