What should you do in a fire evacuation?

The Fifth season - Fire  When did fire become the fifth season? You hear it all the time about this time of year; the Fire season. This fire season, millions of acres have already burned on the west coast. Thousands of people are in some state of the evacuation process as I write this article. [...]

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The real cost of owning a car

Freedom's just another word There really aren’t too many things better than going for a long drive, is there? It’s just you, your car, your playlist, and the open road. It’s one of those life-affirming experiences, one that allows you to dream big, a reminder of how fun technology and our human inventions can be. [...]

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Car Costs Are Driving You Around The Bend

Buy the asset you need You love cars, but that doesn’t mean they don’t drive you mad! The fact is that vehicles don’t follow the same rules as any other asset you purchase. Your house increases in value over time. Your car, however, decreases by a considerable amount within seconds of driving it off the [...]

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Solutions for distracted driving challenges

Challenges and solutions to distracted driving If you’re trying to get around town quickly, you probably aren’t thinking about the repercussions of distracted driving, but it’s one of the top reasons you might be running late to that next meeting. From missed turns to not making a green light, distracted driving might be a lot [...]

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Hot Tips for Summer Proofing Your Car

Summer, Sun, and cars There’s nothing quite like car trouble to ruin your day, week, or year! Why is it that car break downs always seem to have the worst timing? Poorly maintained cars can leave you high and dry, hours from home, awaiting roadside assistance. What’s more, car repairs are not cheap. While many [...]

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