Have global climate standards reached a plateau?

California has signed SB32 Global standards are global people working together for a common cause of economics and efficiency, but are profits of one company more important than national standardization of state standardization for the good of all people? In the auto industry, there is always talk of standardization of equipment and technology. It's the [...]

How much do you get from Volkswagen settlement if you own a VW diesel?

In 1967, California’s Governor Reagon established the California Air Resources Board (CARB) because of the pollutants in the air in California. It was the first emissions standard in the Nation and is the stalwart of the Nation for emissions. Attorney General Kamala D. Harris and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) are very proud of [...]

The demise of our country – China won the cold war

China won the cold war. It's an odd statement considering China wasn't in the cold war. But look, Russia is a shell of a country and the United States is the "Untied" States. There is no cohesion. Each state acts for its own good, with little or no concern for the good of the entire [...]

Emissions and economic growth decoupled

Today, you can breath a little easier, literally. As long as there has been economic growth, there has been an increase in emissions. Today, the International Energy Agency (IEA) released an analysis of preliminary data for 2015 stating that Global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) – the largest source of man-made greenhouse gas emissions – [...]

The Five Seasons of California on Driving the Nation

Most States have four seasons, Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter. In California, we have five seasons. The fifth season is called the fire season. Most people don't even realize it when they say it, but once the rain stops, and the grass starts turning green people start talking about California's fifth season, fire season. More acres [...]

Pollution underrated in development goals

Rising Pollution levels underrated By Stephen Leahy UXBRIDGE, Canada, Mar 26, 2015 (IPS) - Pollution is likely to be the most pressing global health issue in the coming years without effective prevention and clean-up efforts, experts say. Air, water and soil pollution already kills nearly nine million people a year and cripples the health of [...]

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Save Half the Planet, or Lose It All on Driving the Nation

By Stephen Leahy MÉRIDA, Mexico, Nov 17 2009 (IPS) - At least half the planet must be protected if humanity is to survive the next century, declared conservationists at the conclusion of 9th World Wilderness Congress on Friday, Nov. 13. “That is what the science said, this is what many aboriginal people say,” [...]

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Exposing how the U.S. manipulates climate change on Driving the Nation

By Stephen Leahy Who remembers that climate change was a top priority early in George W Bushs first term as US president? Merchants of Doubt, a new documentary film released in US cinemas this week, reminds us that in June 2001 Bush and the Republican party were 100% committed to curbing carbon emissions causing global [...]

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John Kerry; We can’t prevent a large scale disaster unless¦ on Driving the Nation

UXBRIDGE, Canada, Nov 3 2014 (IPS) - “Greenhouse gas emissions from human activity are higher than ever, and were seeing more and more extreme weather and climate events….We cant prevent a large scale disaster if we don't heed this kind of hard science.” Question: Is that statement about the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [...]

Less bug-spattered windshields are not a good thing on Driving the Nation

By Stephen Leahy Scientists have linked both the collapse of bee populations and the stunning decline in bird and bat numbers to a new generation of insecticides called neonicotinoids. It gets worse: these widely-used nerve poisons are also considered the main cause of a general collapse of insect life since the mid 1990s. Bug-spattered [...]

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