Honoring Veteran’s Day in Italy

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Originally a group of five motorcycles leaving Rome together, the two riders behind us were no longer visible in our rear view mirrors, and I hoped the riders were okay. The ride to Rome began as a road trip from Naples to the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery to lay a wreath honoring Veteran's Day. [...]

Dieter Zetsche, 1968 Vienna Convention and autonomous cars

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Almost all of the European member countries (with the exception of Spain and the United Kingdom) signed and ratified the Convention on Road Traffic, also known as the 1968 Vienna Convention. The verbiage in the Convention uses words such as carriageway, and has the most basic definition of what constitutes a car. Article [...]

John Kerry; We can’t prevent a large scale disaster unless¦ on Driving the Nation

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UXBRIDGE, Canada, Nov 3 2014 (IPS) - “Greenhouse gas emissions from human activity are higher than ever, and were seeing more and more extreme weather and climate events….We cant prevent a large scale disaster if we dont heed this kind of hard science.” Question: Is that statement about the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [...]