Big 3 Lag Behind Other Automakers Despite Earlier Promises to Improve Washington, DC -- U.S. auto makers failed to improve fuel economy in response to gas prices that have been rising since 2000, according to a new Consumer Federation of America (CFA) report. Despite promises made in 2001, as gas prices escalated, automakers actually decreased [...]

Chryslers emission regulations

Steven R. Mazure, Environmental Specialist, Chrysler, talks about some of the difficulties they face with trying to meet emission regulations.  The hardest aspect was trying to conform to three different regulations at once (Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE), California Air Resources Board (CARB)).  Steve also talks about the 2.4L PZEV engine, [...]

Who decides the cost of gasoline?

Who decides the cost of gasoline? One, one thousand. In the second that it took you to read that the United States of America used 4,611 gallons of gasoline. That's right, we are consuming over 4,600 gallons of gasoline a second. We consume over 10,300 gallons of oil and petroleum products a second. And we [...]

Lou Ann Hammond on Autoline Detroit

Autoline Detroit TV and Lou Ann Hammond This week, AGAIN, I will be on Autoline Detroit talking about gasoline and how much we use. Did any of you know we are using about 4,600 gallons of gasoline a SECOND? The times are: Detroit Public Television Sunday, June 17 @ 10:30AM EST Speed Sunday, June 17 [...]

Lou Ann Hammond on Autoline Detroit

automotive and fuel industries Speaking of fuels, included in this week's show is an "Autoline Energy Extra." John talks petroleum, gas prices and overall consumer consumption with industry expert Lou Ann Hammond. Ms. Hammond who is the CEO and editor-in-chief of also contributes analysis on both the automotive and fuel industries for the NBC [...]

David Sexton, President of Shell Oil Products U.S.

2007 Shell eco-marathon, Fontana, CA - David Sexton, President of Shell Oil Products U.S., discusses ethanol consumption and conservation in the U.S., and also the direction that the dependency for oil is headed. How do you see the United States reducing the dependence of energy and oil? We are at the Shell Eco-marathon where kids [...]

OPEC holding out? Congressional earmarks

William C. Ramsay, Deputy Executive Director, International Energy Agency (IEA), talks about Iran nuclear energy and its oil. What is OPEC's relationship with IEA and is OPEC holding back their reserves? Do we want to use natural gas for cars when we need so much to heat our homes? How important is the DOE budget [...]

BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) energy growth and emissions || Nuclear power status

William C. Ramsay, Deputy Executive Director, International Energy Agency (IEA), discusses Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC)'s growth and national prosperity versus energy and emissions. Ramsay discusses nuclear power; the problems and what needs to be done to make it a viable energy for the United States.

IEA’s influence on energy consumption

William C. Ramsay, Deputy Executive Director, International Energy Agency (IEA), explains what IEA is and how they influence energy consumption. Ramsay talks about getting off the dependence of gasoline, using diesel, hybrids, nuclear, ethanol, cellulosic ethanol and hydrogen. How will the world meet the world demand of energy?

Bob Tippee, Editor, Oil & Gas Journal

Boutique Fuels  On April 25, 2006, President Bush directed EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson to bring the governors together to form a task force on boutique fuels. In President Bush's speech he wanted to know if "special fuels" were contributing to a rise in prices and a shortage of supply. The mission of the task force [...]

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