2019 Hyundai Kona Electric ~ fuel for life

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Hyundai gets it - people don't want to sit in their bathroom and drive down the highway, they want to sit in their posh living room while driving down the road. Whether it is an alternative powertrain or not, people want luxury in their car. The price of the average vehicle is above [...]

Harman Seamless Connectivity to the Consumer

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Michael Mauser is the executive vice president and president of the Lifestyle Audio division and regional head of HARMAN Europe. Mauser talked about the newest connected to life technology called Audioworx. Audioworx - Configurable Entertainment Harman is taking the next step in connectivity with a proprietary agnostic framework called Audioworx. AudioworX is a delivery system [...]

Harman Kardon making music out of noise

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Most car companies have brands. Inside that brand are models of cars. Inside those models are trim levels. In those cars, those trim levels have different functions. Welcome to Harman Kardon. Harman Kardon has different brands, and varying levels of functionality in each of those brands. Each car company that works with Harman Kardon, or [...]