Driving and running during COVID-19

Let's be careful out there The COVID-19 pandemic has brought some considerable changes to the way we live and work. And while some states are starting to dial back lockdown measures, we all need to remain extra vigilant. Many people will continue to work from home through next year. Some companies are allowing their employees [...]

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Lyft’s IPO helps its Most Loyal Drivers and patients in need

Healthcare is one of the trickiest subjects going. The idea that individuals on low incomes have to go without is astounding even to those of us in better positions. That’s why benefits like the affordable care act and full-time employees health insurance are so valued. You can't work if you are not healthy. On average, [...]

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Healthcare and jobs at CES2019

Healthcare and technology The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) hosts the best technology from all aspects of life. At the What's New at CES last night most of the guys swerved away from a particular health care booth, but we went straight to the willow pump booth. Freedom of mobility takes on a different meaning when [...]

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What Electric Vehicles and the Affordable Care Act have in common

People spend so much time talking about the product or the policy that they forget that behind all that talk there is a patient and a person. Let's take a look at the Affordable Care Act In 2015, 15.0 million people, or 10.1 percent of total U.S. employment, were self-employed. The largest percentage of [...]

Natural Summit Fitness Event UFE 2016

Natural Summit Fitness Event UFE While the United States just got through celebrating Thanksgiving by eating thousands of calories at one meal, a group of highly motivated bodybuilders met in Toronto to compete for the Natural Fitness Summit Ultimate Fitness award. The Ultimate Fitness Event (UFE) is about the journey of being a [...]

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