First day of competition 2009 Shell eco-marathon

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End of first day results - April 17, 2009 Shell eco-marathon: These are the first day results, the 18th are the final runs. Laval - 2622.2MPG Laval University Country: Laval, Quebec, Canada Prototype / Gasoline (Petrol) Team Name: Alerion Supermileage Vehicle Name: NTF 3.0 Penn State - 1776.4 MPG Penn State Country: University Park, PA, [...]

2009 Shell eco-marathon teams get ready for the race

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Fontana, CA - The goal of the Shell Eco-marathon is to design and build the worlds most fuel-efficient vehicle that produces the fewest emissions. Teams can enter two main categories: * Futuristic prototypes - which are streamlined vehicles where the primary design consideration is reducing drag and maximizing efficiency * Urban Concept vehicles - which [...]

Darpa announces semi-finalists

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DARPA ANNOUNCES 36 SEMI-FINALISTS FOR URBAN CHALLENGE Autonomous Vehicle Competition to be held in Victorville, Calif.(Anaheim, Calif.) “ Dr. Tony Tether, director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), today announced the 36 teams (list attached) selected as semi-finalists for the Urban Challenge. The semi-finalists will next compete in the Urban Challenge National Qualification [...]

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