Want a GMC Hummer EV? Too bad they’re sold out

2022 GMC HUMMER EV About the same time it took me to make up a song entitled I do the crabwalk, and go around the living room walking like a crab the Hummer EV sold out. Clearly, $113,000 for a fully equipped GMC Hummer EV is not that crazy. At this point, General Motors is [...]

Who will buy my sweet red Hummers?

The bidding war has started Ever since General Motors told Reuters that there were two companies interested in buying Hummer the race has been on to figure out who it is. Tata Motors recently purchased Jaguar and Landrover, and their PR group says, "As a policy, Tata Motors does not comment on such matters", but [...]

GM Plans clean diesel V8 For North America

GM Plans First Light-Duty V-8 Clean Diesel for North America High-efficiency V-8 scheduled for pickup trucks under 8,600 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight and HUMMER H2 Low emissions, high performance, and excellent fuel economy Expected to deliver class-leading torque, power, and refinement Manufactured at the GM Powertrain Tonawanda engine plant TONAWANDA, N.Y. (June 15, 2007) - [...]

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