The Robb report’s Frankfurt auto show Ultra-lux vehicles

The Ultra-luxury concept and production vehicle unveils at the 64th IAA - Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung - in Frankfurt Germany. Beautiful never goes out of style, nor does desire World premiere concepts such as the BMW i8 and the Jaguar C-X16 are referred to as Research Studies in Europe. Rightfully so, as some part of [...]

L´Esprit des Marques, Volkswagen Group Evening the eve of the 2011 Geneva auto show on Driving the Nation

Lights, Camera, artists and cars - L´Esprit des Marques was the aptly French name for Volkswagen's Group Evening the eve of the 2011 Geneva auto show. Journalists from all over the world squeezed into the Halle de Sécheron to see the Volkswagen Groups spectacular display of artists and artfully designed cars. Every brand chairman had [...]

WABC radio – niche cars, gas prices & Challenge X

Even the niche vehicles: Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini are all cars that sell less than 1,000 cars a year. They are not what you think of as commute cars, but will they be held to the 35 mpg by 2020 that commute cars will be subject to? What are gas prices going [...]

Who owns whom, Car companies and mergers

Who owns whom The rumors are always the most interesting; General Motors got out of its purchase option with FIAT by paying them $2 Billion. Now both Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp(SAIC)(a Joint Venture with General Motors and Volkswagen in China) and TATA Motor Group are rumored to be interested in purchasing FIAT, the parent company [...]