How are Volt sales compared to the 24 other alt-power source vehicles?

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WardsAuto U.S. Sales of Alternative Power Source Light Vehicles lists twenty-seven vehicles for sale as of November 2011. What are the cars and how is Volt faring compared to the other twenty-six vehicles? The twenty-seven, twenty-five if you don't count the Mercury Milan and the Saturn Aura that are still listed, with the starting MSRP [...]

George Pipas on Ford’s sales for 2010

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George Pipas Ford Motor Company - US Sales Analysis, Godron Chang, Forbes, John Batchelor, host of and myself talk about Ford's sales for 2010. Ford was up in sales for 2010, beating out Toyota in marketshare. How? Was it because of the relationship with their dealerships? or because of Alan Mulally? Why is Mercury [...]

Future Shock

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Future Shock is Today In the course of my work which takes me to just about every corner of the globe, I see many aspects of phenomena which I am just beginning to understand. Our modern technology has achieved a degree of sophistication beyond our wildest dreams, but this technology has exacted a pretty heavy [...]

The changing faces of luxury cars

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I've been waiting for today. My esthetician, Veronica, finally got back from France visiting her relatives. To me, Veronica is not a luxury, she is a necessity. While Veronica was working on my face I asked her about her trip. She talked about how conscientious the French were of the names on clothes and accessories. [...]

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