Rejected car dealers will affect you and your city!

I was watching CNBC today and they gave some interesting figures for the nation concerning automobiles: The average sales per dealer are $334 million Total sales for new cars is $693.3 billion The auto sales percentage of total retail sales is 18 percent. There are 20,770 new car dealers in the nation According to the [...]

Saturn’s Flextreme plug-in concept

North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) Saturn's Flextreme plug-in concept unveiled at the 2008 Detroit auto show. Remember that e-flex system General Motors brought out in the Chevy Volt last year? This year they brought out the Cadillac Provoq with an e-flex (think generator) that is powered by hydrogen. The Saturn Flextreme is an e-flex [...]

Winners and Losers Year-To-Date by sales and percentages

All the talk is about the rivalry between the Big 3 and Toyota. Dig a little deeper and it's not Toyota that's number one, nor General Motors that comes in last. These numbers come from J.D. Powers Power Information Network (PIN) and are Year-To-Date as of September 30, 2007. Just like in “The Biggest Loser” [...]

Are hybrids hot in 2008?

J.D. Power, Power Information Network (PIN) In the scheme of all things automotive, hybrids haven't been around that long, but the arguments for and against hybrid technology have reached new heights. Whether the argument is for the environment or against horsepower instead of fuel savings, hybrids are increasing and increasing in sales. According to J.D. [...]

Troy A. Clarke, President, GM North America and GM group vice president

Troy A. Clarke, President, GM North America and GM group vice president, unveils the Saturn Aura Greenline at the 2006 L.A. Auto Show. Saturn announced today that the new 2007 Aura Green Line hybrids MSRP will start at $22,695 (including destination charge), making it the lowest-priced hybrid on the market for 2007. In addition to [...]

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