Seven robots start DARPA’s Urban challenge

Eleven teams qualified for the final day of the urban challenge. Watch as the first seven teams take off out of the starting block. The information was supplied from each team, via the Darpa's website. Odin #32 Blacksburg, VA VictorTango Team VictorTango is the outgrowth of longstanding research and educational program in autonomous vehicle systems [...]

Ikuo Mori & Subaru of Indiana

Ikuo Mori, President and CEO, Fuji Heavy Industries discusses the Subaru of Indiana plant, which produces zero landfill. Toyota will be building some of their Camrys at Subaru's Indiana plant. Toyota owns 8.7 percent of Fuji Heavy Industries. Toyota has since said they were zero landfill in some of their plants as well. And what [...]

Subaru’s CEO on alternative energy vehicles

Subaru's CEO on hybrids, diesel, energy Ikuo Mori, President, and CEO, Fuji Heavy Industries, talks about when some of Subaru's alternative energy vehicles will be released and if they will bring out a hybrid. When will diesel come to the United States? Fuji Heavy Industries owns Subaru and Toyota Motor Corporation owns 8.7% of Fuji [...]

Travis Pastrana Motocross Rally Car racer

2006 Los Angeles Auto Show Travis Pastrana, Professional Motocross Rider, and Rally Car racer receives the John Wolf Cup at the 2006 L.A. auto show. Speaker 1 Rally America: Closer to home, closer here to California, we return with a two-car factory team in the Rally America National Championship. The rally sport continues to grow [...]

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Subura of Indiana (SIA) zero landfill

Subaru loves to recycle Lou Ann Hammond visit's Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc, the only manufacturing plant in the United States that is zero landfills. You know that can of garbage in front of your yard every week. The one the garbage man takes to a landfill every week? That garbage can full of trash [...]

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Car buying tips

Dos and Don'ts of buying a car It's fall, time for the leaves to change and the car dealers to start offering great deals on the new cars they have on their lot to make room for the 2007 models. Can you score a good deal? Follow some simple rules and you'll get the car [...]

Subaru – zero landfill

Subaru Zero-landfill One of the first words I heard when I reached the Subaru Indiana Automotive plant was kaizen. What does Kaizen mean? It means an improvement in a company, real improvement, and innovative management practices. How has Subaru improved its automotive plant? You know that can of garbage in front of your yard every [...]

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