Tesla designs and manufactures premium electric vehicles and energy storage units. The Co-founders are Martin Eberhard and Elon Musk, owner of Space X. The first car sold by Tesla was the Roadster. Tesla currently produces the Model S sedan and is taking reservations for the Model X SUV. The vehicles are produced in Fremont, CA. They are sold in many countries including China. In a partnership with Panasonic Tesla is creating a gigafactory to produce batteries.

Tesla Model 3 on John Batchelor radio show

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If you sell one share of your Tesla stock, you could buy thirty shares of Ford stock. The only vehicle that Tesla sells are electric vehicles; a segment that makes up less than two percent of the entire Nation's sales. Ford's market share is 15.6%. General Motors market share is 16.6%. Statista reports that Tesla [...]

Tesla Model3, EV, PHEV, washingtonpost carchat

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Good Morning Warren and Friends, Did anyone stay up to watch the live unveil of the Tesla Model 3? I doubt it. We - Driving the Nation - periscoped it. You can still see it live on my twitter feed or on my youtube channel. Bonus! Both Stretch and I were talking about it live. [...]

First Drive: electric and autonomous Tesla S by Bosch on Driving the Nation

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First Drive: electric and autonomous Tesla S by Bosch on Driving the Nation Bosch stripped a Tesla Model S electric vehicle, brought in fifteen sensors, and a lidar to create the first Model S P85 electric self-driving vehicle. We drove it last week in Boxberg, Germany. We got to see the [...]