4-seater Convertibles for kids, under $35,000

The sunshine and warm weather in the past couple months has everyone thinking of summer. People are starting to imagine themselves on the way to the beach. Is there a better way to get your summer vacation started than breezing down the highway with your kids in a convertible? Imagine your kids in the backseat, [...]

2011 MINI Countryman and facelift highlights on Driving the Nation

Watch as Vinnie Kung takes us through the 2011 MINI Countryman and model life cycle impulse also known as a facelift. All the MINIs have gotten some type of update, whether it is infotainment, new colors, wheels, design or technology, including horsepower and fuel efficiency.

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Jim McDowell on MINI dealerships

Jim McDowell is the President of MINI USA. Everyone knows that BMW owns MINI, but did you know that there were only 95 MINI dealerships in the entire country? McDowell talks about the dealerships and how many MINI thinks would be optimal for MINI. How important is it that MINI owners know that MINIs are [...]

Who killed the electric motorcycle?

FORTUNE - When I talk to my motorcycling friends, many of them are hankering for an electric motorcycle. But only, they stress, if it's a motorcycle, not a motor scooter. One friend explained that to motorcycling types, a high-end electric motorcycle would be like going from a Ferrari to a Tesla: "If I was used [...]

MINI takes the States (MTTS) Bonneville salt flats

Mini pearl and Maximillian MINI takes the States (MTTS) and the Bonneville salt flats, but not the record speed. The cars were governed at 60 mph! But Mini pearl and Maximillian were there. And Kit, who made the 130-club. Then we have Gertie with bright green side mirrors The motto for the little red one: If [...]

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MINI takes the States (MTTS) – what’s the name of your MINI?

We're in Grand Junction, CO with MINI takes the States (MTTS) with a bunch of mini owners on their way to the MINI rally in Denver, CO. It's a long held tradition to name one's car. What are some of the more original names people name their car? We talk to some of the owners, [...]

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