The history of RUF Automobile

Watch the video of the history of RUF as told by Alois Ruf Jr., and the high-performance German automobiles the car company creates since 1939. The history of RUF Automobile as told on RUF Automobile's website: 1974 Upon the death of Alois Ruf, Sr. in 1974, his son, Alois Ruf, Jr., took over the directorship [...]

Robert Cumberford at the Quail Lodge

The Quail Lodge - a Motorsports Gathering Jean Jennings wrote an article for Automobile in February 2006 saying that, "Robert Cumberford has been with Automobile Magazine since Volume 1, Issue 1, in April 1986. He is highly opinionated, as every working car designer in the world today knows, sometimes painfully, from reading his design analyses [...]

Jay Leno & a Blastolene

The Quail Lodge - a Motorsports Gathering LodgeAs Robert Cumberford, designer and journalist, and I were walking the lawn of the Quail Lodge we happened upon a Blastolene. Blastolenes are handbuilt by Randy Grubb from Oregon. Watch as Jay Leno and Randy Grubb talk about Grubb's newest creation. Will Leno buy one?

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