Driving the Nation’s Lou Ann Hammond has been on the John Calvin Batchelor radio show since he started on radio on WABC radio in New York City. Hammond has been on the podcast and radio with Batchelor and his co-host Larry Kudlow, CNBC, Mary Kissel, member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board, Gordon Chang, Forbes.com, writing primarily on China, Asia, and nuclear proliferation, Robert Anthony “Bob” Lutz is a Swiss American automotive executive, Mark L. Reuss is the current President of General Motors North America.

CA buying more Jeeps not Chevy CA vs. USA

California is the biggest market in the Nation. California makes up 11.1% of all sales of cars and light vehicles in the United States. It is the 8th largest economy in the world. California was the first state to institute emission standards and the standards it institutes today to have an effect on the entire [...]

A patent lawyer on open sourcing patents

Open Source Tesla's patents David Cabello is a partner at Wong Cabello Lutsch Rutherford, an intellectual property law firm. Cabello has been named Texas Super Lawyer in Intellectual Property Litigation for the last three years. He also owns a Tesla. Cabello talked to John Batchelor, host of the John Batchelor radio show, and Lou Ann [...]

Tesla’s Elon Musk; crazy, or crazy like a fox?

Tesla's Elon Musk; crazy, or crazy like a fox? Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation and John Batchelor, host of the John Batchelor radio show talk about the happenings of the week. If I were to ask any question to Elon Musk about his altruistic announcement today concerning open-sourcing all his patents for Tesla [...]

General Motor’s Mary Barra musical CEO chair

Musical Chairs at General Motors For five years of the time that Alan Mulally has been at Ford Motor Company, General Motors has been playing musical chairs with their Chief Executive Officers. Alan Mulally is about to retire from Ford as CEO and General Motors is just bringing in their first CEO to restructure the [...]

2014 New York auto show with John Batchelor radio show

New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) General Motors showed off their new 2015 Corvette Z06 convertible and Chevy Trax, a compact SUV that will be coming to America standard with a backup camera. Barra was there and answered all the recall answers - ad nauseum. All the behind the scenes chatter is that Akerson still [...]

Boxer to Barra – that would be CEO, Senator

Barbara Boxer  to Mary Barra Lou Ann Hammond, the CEO, Driving the Nation, talked to John Batchelor, host of the John Batchelor radio show about the GM recall. The question has come up numerous times, behind doors and in front of Congress, how much did the former Chairman and CEO of General Motors, Dan Akerson, [...]

GM sued for recalls Russian sanctions

How long has General Motors known there was an issue with the ignition switch? Can the new GM be sued for the recalls? Will sanctions against Russia hurt car companies? Was there a cover-up on May 15, 2009, when, according to the New York Times, "data in the black boxes of Chevrolet Cobalts confirmed a [...]

GM CEO no crappy cars Porsche cars on fire

Barra badmouthing General Motors cars Before becoming CEO Mary Barra made the statement that General Motors would no longer make crappy cars. The planet registered a loss of oxygen as Auto industry insiders gasped at the thought that an executive would bad-mouth their own product. Apparently, that was only the first coming of Barra and [...]

Tesla, the demise of the car dealer, GM recall – where was NHTSA?

An about-face or slap in the face In an about-face, and what Elon Musk would describe as a slap in the face, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie changed his mind about how a consumer can purchase a car in New Jersey. Christie, according to a press release from Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, decided not to [...]

Geneva Motor Show Russia Ukraine gas cars

John Batchelor Radio Show John Batchelor talks about the Geneva International Motor Show (GimsSwiss) (GIMS), Russia, Ukraine, and car sales. Russia and Ukraine are starting to seep into the Geneva Motor show discussions, and there is concern about what will happen if this situation is not contained soon if cooler heads do not [...]