Carlos Ghosn flees Japan for Lebanon

Home Sweet Home for Carlos Ghosn Ghosn has left Japan for his homeland Lebanon, a country with no extradition to Japan. Even with every movement recorded, with his wife, Carole Ghosn’s talks monitored, Ghosn was able to pull a Jason Bourne and break out of Japan. With the update below we are now thinking this [...]

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What do Britney Spears, Mario Lopez, and FCA have in common?

Page Six of the auto industry Cold feet Carlos Ghosn said that mergers are like marriages and the merger between FCA and Renault couldn't have been shorter. One day they were all lovie dovie and the next day they pulled a Britney Spears and Jason Alexander, getting divorced after the euphoria of 55 hours of [...]

Carlos and Sergio gone, FCA merging with Renault?

If you’re going to be a CEO of a major car manufacturer, you’re going to have an ego and thick skin. Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat Chrysler Auto to his death, was credited with the turnaround of FCA. Marchionne was smart. Other CEOs didn’t like what he had to say, mainly because he was right [...]

Who could replace Carlos Ghosn even if he leaves jail?

The Gambler At some point, you have to look at the cards you're holding and realize that your opponent might have gotten the better hand. That is the case with Renault and Carlos Ghosn. John Batchelor and Lou Ann Hammond talk about whether this is the end of Renault Nissan alliance for Carlos Ghosn Carlos [...]

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Carlos Ghosn – corporate greed or a coup?

John Batchelor and Lou Ann Hammond talk about Carlos Ghosn Last week DrivingtheNation reported that Carlos Ghosn had been charged a second time. The charge was for pretty much the same charge as the first charge; underreporting his salary. The second charge was for a different set of years. At the time I asked why [...]

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Carlos Ghosn, the ugliness of human egos and cultural differences

“This is a negative impact of the long regime of Mr. Ghosn,” Saikawa said. “This is a good opportunity to revise the way we work." The situation is a shame - it's an ugly story of human egos and cultural differences and history repeating itself. Once again, innocent till proven guilty, but there are questions [...]

Carlos Ghosn, conspiracy or covert action

Innocent till proven guilty. All the newspapers and television shows are saying the same thing. Mainly because it's so hard to think of a man that was making over $10 million a year stooping so low. A man that saved Nissan Motor Co., a man that had such a cult following in Japan that they [...]

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Renault, Nissan and GM terminate Alliance Discussions

source:Renault, & General Motors; DETROIT, BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT, TOKYO, October 4, 2006 General Motors, Renault and Nissan issued a joint press release, stating that they have agreed to terminate discussions on the three-way alliance. to terminate discussions regarding a proposed alliance among the three companies. The parties mutually recognized that significant aggregate synergies might result from the [...]

Renault – A growth plan

Carlos Ghosn commitment to growth February 9, 2006 - In the face of other manufacturers closing plants, reducing products and laying off employees Carlos Ghosn is making plans to grow Renault. Yesterday Carlos Ghosn, President, and Chief Executive Officer announced "Renault Commitment 2009", an ambitious growth plan to "make and sustain Renault as the most [...]

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Nissan and Renault; the next giant

Ghosn has a cult-like following in Japan The takeover of Chrysler by Daimler-Benz in 1998 may have been the biggest news that year, but a very solid merger was formed the following year that is gaining global momentum. Renault's chief executive Louis Schweitzer, now Chairman, was watching its share of the global market grow. Renault [...]

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