Google tests self-driving cars on MSNBC

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Lou Ann Hammond talks to chris Jansing about Google's autonomous vehicles on the road. The people behind the money may be Google, but the brains, Sebastian Thrun, behind the technology are some of the best and brightest from the DARPA challenges that started six years ago. Lou Ann Hammond interviewing Sebastian Thrun, then Director of Artificial [...]

Nissan Pivo2 concept technology

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Beijing, China - It's so Asian! A little Hello Kitty type car with a smiley face and cute colors. Most people at the Beijing auto show think it is to keep the kids occupied while the adults look at the real cars. Wrong! PIVO 2 is a concept car that Nissan says incorporates these different [...]

Chip Ganassi, at DARPA

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Chip Ganassi knows about racing. He owns race car teams and even got Juan Montoya to jump from the Formula series to NASCAR. Why is a race car owner interested in autonomous vehicles? What is the one rule for racing that Chip lives by? and What technology is being developed for DARPA that race car [...]

Four robots start the DARPA urban challenge

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Eleven teams qualified for the final day of the urban challenge. Watch as the last four teams take off out of the starting block. The information was supplied from each team, via Darpas website. XAV-250 #15 Troy, MI “ Dearborn, MI “ Minneapolis, MN Honeywell Intelligent Vehicle Systems The Intelligent Vehicle Systems (IVS) team is a [...]