Peter Johannson, Engineer, General Motor’s Saab

Peter Johannson is an Engineer for Saab. Johannson talks about the new drivetrain: crosswheel and the all-wheel drive Saab. Johannson's grandfather started in 1945 and his father started for Saab in 1959. What is the difference between a crosswheel drive and an all-wheel drive?

2008 Saab 9-3

On blog: Saab has three new models that will hit the showrooms in September; a sedan (4-cyl, starting at $28,385; 6-cyl starting at $35,365), a convertible (4-cyl starting at $39,710; 6-cyl starting at $45,665) and a station wagon they call a SportCombi (4-cyl starting at $29,630; 6-cyl starting at $36,265). All three come in [...]

European Delivery

The trip of a lifetime Two years ago my cousin, Andrew, and his niece flew into Stuttgart where they were taken by taxi for a tour of the Mercedes-Benz factory, lunch and then they picked up their brand new American-spec Mercedes-Benz. European delivery programs have been around for a long time. Most people that take [...]

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What does Sweden have to do with it? safety and technology

Driving for Dummies So you're pregnant with your first kid and want to buy the safest car on the planet. What brand do you think of first? Probably Volvo – a brand that's become synonymous with safety. In fact, both of Swedens automakers, Volvo, and Saab are world-renowned for safety innovations. Today their cars are [...]

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