Shell Oil and Airflow create Starship hyper-truck

A typical commercial truck gets about six miles per gallon. Technology and Innovation Manager, Shell Lubricants Bob Mainwairing is responsible for Starship, a concept truck that emulates the same concept used on the car that achieved 89 mpg by using lightweight materials, streamlining and lubrication that uses less energy. Almost everything you have in your [...]

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Shell owns more EV charging units than gas stations

With the acquisition of NewMotion Shell owns more electric charging units in Europe than gas stations. At the Shell Eco-marathon, Yuri Sebregts Executive Vice President Chief Technology Officer for Shell Global said, "we realize that people's mobility needs today are largely based on the Internal Combustion Engine." But as Shell's President, Bruce Culpepper said at [...]

Shell, Toyota, Charlie and renewable hydrogen

Shell Eco-Marathon Thirteen-year-old Charlie from Loma Verde was in the hydrogen Linde booth at the STEM tent. The tent was set up for the children from schools all over Northern California at the Shell Eco-Marathon to make the future event. I was listening to Charlie talks to the Linde hydrogen representative, "You can't get hydrogen [...]

BEV wins Shell Eco-marathon – winners going to London

Formula 1 already has an electric race, and competition using only internal combustion engines, but the real race for all energies is the Shell Eco-marathon makes the future race. The contest has many rules, but the most intriguing is that each team can decide what type of energy they want to run in their vehicle. [...]

2009 Shell eco-marathon winners!

The checkered flag Finally! It was a long two days out in the California sun and heat. Imagine being one of the drivers in those pods! Spending 45 minutes going around a track in 85-90 degree weather. Did the winner this year beat the old record of 2,843 miles per gallon? The combustion engine is [...]

What is the 2009 Shell eco-marathon Americas?

Scientists gone wild April 16-18, 2009, Fontana, CA - The goal of the Shell Eco-marathon is to design and build the world's most fuel-efficient vehicle that produces the fewest emissions. The eco-marathon has evolved since the friendly wager between two Shell scientists back in 1939. On regular gasoline, they achieved a respectable 50 miles per [...]

Schurr wins team spirit at Shell eco-marathon

We are the Spartans When it was announced that Schurr High School, home of the Mighty Spartans, won the team spirit award, everyone clapped wildly. Schurr had certainly earned it. I had heard all day about the excessive amount of sharing Schurr had done: a seat belt to one team, a wheel to another team. [...]

2009 Shell eco-marathon teams get ready for the race

Fontana, CA - The goal of the Shell Eco-marathon is to design and build the world's most fuel-efficient vehicle that produces the fewest emissions. Teams can enter two main categories: * Futuristic prototypes - which are streamlined vehicles where the primary design consideration is reducing drag and maximizing efficiency * Urban Concept vehicles - which [...]

2007 Shell Eco-marathon vehicle maintenance

2007 Shell Eco-marathon Students conduct vehicle maintenance at the California Speedway, Fontana, California for the 2007 Shell Eco-marathon. About Shell Eco-marathon Shell Eco-marathon is a global program built to offer students hands-on opportunities to develop ideas and technology, knowledge, and skills, within an arena of competition. Currently held in Asia, Americas, and Europe and made [...]

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