Porsche SE, Toyota invest in Aurora Labs

Over-the-Air (OTA) Just like the human body, Aurora Labs believe that cars should be able to sense when something is not working and heal themselves. Aurora Labs’ Self-Healing Software enables continuous, reliable, and cost-effective rollouts of new automotive features. ~ Aurora Labs. Aurora Labs has secured $23 million in Series B funding from top automotive [...]

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Lunewave the Mother of all Deathstars

Homage to Mom Remember when your mother told you she had eyes in the back of her head and she could see what you were doing all the time? Lunewave believed her and created a radar in homage to her. The radar on the top of the vehicle is like a rotating human eye, collecting [...]

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Vulog CES 2020 carsharing

At CES 2020, Vulog is transforming mobility through software technology, one car-sharing vehicle at a time globally. 1-1000, 2-2000 Every two seconds, someone starts a vehicle sharing trip powered by Vulog’s technology. Over thirty companies are using Vulog’s software to allow a person to rent a car from any place for a one-way trip or [...]

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Cartica.ai at CES2020 Unsupervised learning

Cartica.ai making the world safer faster Twelve years ago, we hired Austin, a 15-year-old that was flunking out of school? Why was he flunking out of school? Because he was so smart that school didn’t challenge him. After he started working for us, his grades went up. Why? Because public learning is all about organized [...]

Foretellix CES 2020 no more dumb miles

Quality versus Quantity If you drive the same route from work to home every day, you’re going to know those miles better than any software program. You’ll know when Ms. Smith opens her blinds and when Mr. Rogers and his dog stop at the corner. These are called dumb miles or quantity of miles. Dumb [...]

Volkswagen Robots gone wild

VW Robots Volkswagen Group Components presents a new and visionary charging concept Mobile robots will charge electric vehicles completely autonomously in future Every parking space can become a charging point On the eve of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Volkswagen provides a glimpse into the future in which the search for charging stations for electric [...]

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Trends in Automotive

technology trends If you thought that the disruption we see in cars was unique to the automotive sector, then think again. Car manufacturers are merely reacting to a much bigger megatrend in technological development towards systems that can think for themselves.  The application in the automotive world is pretty obvious: get cars to drive themselves, and it [...]

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Continental brakes save lives and emissions

* Regenerative energy savings due to improved utilization of achievable recuperation potential * Tests of the CO2 savings potential of the MK C1 electrohydraulic brake system in a plug-in hybrid * TÜV confirms in a certified test: MK C1 reduces the amount of CO2 emitted in the WLTP by around 8 g/mi on average compared [...]

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