Ganymed Stanek, Volkswagen of America, Inc., Electronics Research Lab

Ganymed Stanek, Volkswagen of America, Inc., Electronics Research Lab, talks about Volkswagen's partnership with Stanford, inside of an unmanned Volkswagen Passat. Volkswagen worked with Stanford on Stanley, Stanford's first car that won the race in 2005, winning Stanford 2 million dollars. Keep in mind, nobody is actually driving the car. From The DARPA Grand [...]

Jeff Walz, Director of University Relations, Google

Jeff Walz, Director of University Relations, Google, talks about Google, and their relationship with sponsoring University led projects. Google funds two teams for the 2007 Darpa Urba Challenge, Stanford, and Carnegie Mellon, who coincidently, have a rivalry going. From The DARPA Grand Challenge is a prize competition for driverless cars, sponsored by the Defense [...]

Hendrik Dahlkamp, Software Engineer, Google

Hendrik Dahlkamp, Software Engineer, Google, talks about the software that operates Junior. From GPS, to a 64 laser positioning system, this machine is packed full of cutting edge software, programmed by Stanford. From Team List Team 23 Racing San Diego, Calif. Team Annie Way Karlsruhe, Germany Austin Robot Technology Austin, Texas Team Autonomous Solutions [...]

Stanford’s Sebastian Thrun, on Darpa urban challenge

Grand Challenge versus Urban challenge Sebastian Thrun, Professor of Computer Science, Stanford, talks about the different challenges between previous Grand Challenges, and the current Urban Challenge. Thrun also discusses the financing behind the car, and how they received most of their money. From Sebastian Thrun, (born 1967 in Solingen, Germany) is an Associate Professor [...]

Darpa Site Event: Stanford

Stanford Racing Team Sebastian Thrun, Associate Professor, Mike Montemerlo, Technical Director, Stanford Racing Team, talks about the qualifying event for Stanford's autonomous vehicle "Junior", in Mountain View, California. 53 teams in total will compete, this being one of Darpa's first stops along the way. From Junior is a 2006 Passat wagon whose steering, throttle, [...]

Adrian Jurgens, Shell Global Solutions USA

April 13, 2007 California Speedway, Fontana CA, 2007 Shell Eco-marathon: High school and University teams came from all over North America to compete in the first official Shell Eco-marathon in America. The Eco-marathon has been an annual event in Europe for more than twenty years. The vehicles students entered varied in fuel from gasoline, hydrogen [...]

Los Altos Academy of Engineering hydrogen

Infusion wins first place The infusion was intended to be a vehicle innovative in every way. In addition to utilizing hydrogen fuel cell technology, the body of Infusion is unique in that it is modeled after the shape of a teardrop to minimize air resistance. Students utilized AutoCAD and Rhino to design the vehicle completely. [...]

2007 Shell Eco-marathon test-drive before the race

Fuel economy is the goal Finally, the test driving begins on the track at the 2007 Shell Eco-marathon. Not a speed race. Fuel economy is the goal. Watch the students navigate future vehicle concepts at the California Speedway, Fontana CA April 13, 2007. The car in the picture is from Cal-Poly. It won the race [...]

2007 Shell Eco-marathon vehicle maintenance

Students conduct vehicle maintenance at the California Speedway, Fontana, California for the 2007 Shell Eco-marathon. About Shell Eco-marathon Shell Eco-marathon is a global program built to offer students hands-on opportunities to develop ideas and technology, knowledge and skills, within an arena of competition. Currently held in in Asia, Americas and Europe and made up of [...]