NBC’s The Today show – pain at the pump $6 a gallon gasoline

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April 22, 2011 New York City, New York, NBC's The Today show with guest host Willie Geist. Transcript: WILLIE GEIST, co-host: Mike Taibbi, thanks. Lou Ann Hammond is the CEO of drivingthenation.com. Lou Ann, good morning. Ms. LOU ANN HAMMOND (Drivingthenation.com): Good morning. GEIST: OK, so the trends here are not good. Gas prices have [...]

Google tests self-driving cars on MSNBC

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Lou Ann Hammond talks to chris Jansing about Google's autonomous vehicles on the road. The people behind the money may be Google, but the brains, Sebastian Thrun, behind the technology are some of the best and brightest from the DARPA challenges that started six years ago. Lou Ann Hammond interviewing Sebastian Thrun, then Director of Artificial [...]

Toyota: Take two tylenol and call me next month

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How bad is this for Toyota? Roughly 2.3 million recalls in the United States, another 2 million in Europe, for a faulty pedal. Eight of Toyota's most popular products are not allowed to be sold. Toyota is scheduled for a Congressional hearing on February 25, 2010, Consumer Reports has come out saying they would not [...]

James Lipton: Inside the Actor’s Studio with Audi

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The Carneros Inn, Napa, CA - James Lipton is the host of Inside the Actor's Studio. Lipton has interviewed over 250 of the most accomplished actors of our time. His show is always intriguing and educational. Inside the Actor's studio can be seen on the Bravo network. In celebration of Audi's centennial James [...]