Bike to school, get food for free

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One of the reasons people like Pokemon Go is it gets the couch potatoes off the sofa. It was about getting some exercise. Move over Pokemon Go; there's a new app in town. My open road (MOR) works the same way most of the game apps work, you start at a level and go to [...]

Google tests self-driving cars on MSNBC

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Lou Ann Hammond talks to chris Jansing about Google's autonomous vehicles on the road. The people behind the money may be Google, but the brains, Sebastian Thrun, behind the technology are some of the best and brightest from the DARPA challenges that started six years ago. Lou Ann Hammond interviewing Sebastian Thrun, then Director of Artificial [...]

2009 Shell eco-marathon winners!

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Finally! It was a long two days out in the California sun and heat. Imagine being one of the drivers in those pods! Spending 45 minutes going around a track in 85-90 degree weather. Did the winner this year beat the old record of 2,843 miles per gallon? The combustion engine is always the winner.  [...]

What is the 2009 Shell eco-marathon Americas?

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April 16-18, 2009, Fontana, CA - The goal of the Shell Eco-marathon is to design and build the worlds most fuel-efficient vehicle that produces the fewest emissions. The eco-marathon has evolved since the friendly wager between two Shell scientists back in 1939. On regular gasoline, they achieved a respectable 50 miles per gallon! Those two [...]