TodayApril 15, 2022

Chevy Equinox VW Alzheimers carchat

Good Morning Warren and Friends Its WAPO carchat time!

I’m in Chicago for the Chevy Equinox unveil. The big news? The Equinox is lighter and will come out with three turbocharged engines, one of them will be a turbo-diesel that gets 40 mpg. Chevrolet is also mating their new 9-speed transmission with the 2.0-liter.

Last week I drove the GMC Yukon XL Denali 3-row SUV. I love the 3-row vehicle even though two people said it looked like a hearse. Yes, the back end is squared off, but that didn’t bother me. The starting MSRP is $71,000, out the door it was $80,650. The 2WD EPA fuel economy is 15 city/22 highway, 4WD 14 city/20 highway. The 4WD I drove got 18.4-20 mpg.

I also drove the Volkswagen Jetta SEL. Great little car, easy to drive the TSI engine. The EPA fuel economy is 42 city / 48 highway and starts at around $31,000.

Have any of you seen James Corden singing in cars with celebrities? Do any of you have a loved one that has dementia or Alzheimers? Click here if you would love to see a heartwarming story about a Son that loves his Father. If you would like to donate, or just watch the video (let the advertisement run all the way through so that part of the proceeds can go to the Alzheimer’s Association.

If you have any friends in Louisiana, you know that Baton Rouge had a historic flood. A colleague’s house was flooded. They didn’t have flood insurance, and FEMA gave them a pittance to take their house down to the studs to dry the house and try to put it back together. Steve has been writing a blog called the dry pillow diary. I’ve put some of the posts up. He has a long way to go, but he and his family are safe.

Let’s chat about cars

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Chevy Equinox VW Alzheimers carchat
Chevy Equinox VW Alzheimers carchat
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