TodayApril 16, 2022

Chrysler’s humidity temperature sensor

Chrysler’s new integrated humidity temperature sensor patent

Does anyone know where the humidity sensor is located on our vehicles? What is temperature and humidity sensor? How do you remove a humidity sensor? Where should I put my humidity sensor?

A powertrain guy doesn’t usually concern themself with the air conditioning systems, but Denomme was tasked to find energy efficiency within all of the systems, not just the drivetrain. The group looked at the vehicle as a system, not just a powertrain.

Chrysler’s temperature sensor location

Both sensors are mounted behind the rearview mirror on the windshield in one little black box. Denomme calls the unit an integrated humidity temperature sensor (IHTS).

The 300-volt AC compressor, produced by Denso, is off the engine, and there is no belt to the engine. The goal is to take the load off the engine.

Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler are the only companies that have the patent pending to be able to use the ITHS sensor.

Chrysler’s humidity temperature sensor fuel economy

This won’t help the CAFE numbers for Chrysler. Since air conditioning is not used when calculating EPA numbers, the only time this will make a difference is when you are actually driving the car.

This was the case in our drive from Portland, Maine to Boston Mass. The mpg for the two-modes was 19 city/20 highway. The lowest average miles per gallon we got was 22.1.

It’s about time that the EPA mpg numbers might be wrong to the consumer’s benefit. Courtesy of Chrysler.

What does a humidity sensor in a car do?

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