Continental’s MK C1 HAD Redundant Brake System

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Continental’s MK C1 HAD Redundant Brake System

One of the biggest questions I get about automated driving is what if a piece of technology fails? We have an answer for that – redundant braking system. Imagine, redundant braking with the secondary based on the electronic braking system (EBS), adapted for automated driving complete with additional pressure sensors.

* The MK C1 for highly automated driving (HAD) has now a redundant fall-back level.

* The MK C1 HAD system architecture with two networked braking system units offers a stepped degradation concept to ensure the required deceleration level at all times without driver interaction.

* By combining the MK C1 with a MK 100 based Hydraulic Brake Extension (HBE), redundant braking systems for highly automated driving can be installed with minimum effort.