Continental brings eHorizon to motorcycles and cars

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Continental brings eHorizon to motorcycles and cars

At the Los Angeles Auto Show Hans Heibl talked about e-Horizon. Hiebl is the executive VP Infotainment and Connectivity for Continental AG. Continental has been working on autonomous and connected cars for years. Connecting cars, the ability to speak car-to-car of infrastructure-to-car is an important aspect of autonomous vehicles.

Most connected communities are working with automobiles, but Continental just announced that the eHorizon system will be available to motorcyclists as well.

Using the same swarm concept of gathering intelligence as vehicles, motorcyclists can share a platform that allows them, via an app. The motorcyclists can record location data while riding, enable turn-by-turn navigation on the display, send emergency text messages, or enable keyless start via the app.

“The stored data is collated in the cloud and made available to all motorcyclists. As a result, the eHorizon system informs bikers in advance of obstacles along their route such as construction zones, accidents, slippery conditions, or traffic jams. Having this information can enhance safety, not only for motorcyclists, but also for other road users,” said Ralf Lenninger, head of Continental’s Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Continental will present the eHorizon for two-wheelers at CES 2017 in Las Vegas for the first time, but if you want to know more about how eHorizon works you can watch the video below.

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