Continental’s 3D Flash Lidar already in use

While most people at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) are talking about 3D Flash LIDAR in cars, Brashtech is putting the Continental G6A1 Flash LiDAR Camera in their drones. Evan Flyn, Engineer for the High-resolution 3D Flash Lidar ADAS, Continental said that the properties that make this Lidar so valuable in a car are the same needed for a drone. Continental acquired the Hi-Res 3D Flash LIDAR business from Advanced Scientific Concepts, Inc. in 2015.

Flash LIDARs do not suffer from synchronization issues, and when synchronized with a color camera it produces incredible color pictures in real time. The provides both real-time machine vision as well as environmental mapping functions. Continental says this gives a significantly more detailed accurate field of sight around the entire vehicle. It is independent of day or night time and robust in adverse weather conditions.

The 3D Flash Lidar is a global shutter camera that captures the scene all at once and will fulfill automotive requirements for the first time. The key feature is that the 3D Flash Lidar uses a global shutter versus a Rolling Shutter. There are no spatial distortions in a global shutter, and the sensor data fusion is fused together in real time.