Continental’s Advanced Driver Assist Systems

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Continental’s Advanced Driver Assist Systems

Friedrich Angerbauer is the head of the new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Business Unit in Continental’s Chassis & Safety Division. Angerbauer explained to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, what ADAS is.

If anyone is wondering where the research and development for car supplies will come from it will be from the car suppliers. ADAS systems used to be in the upper class vehicles, but now they can be found in almost every segment of car. According to Continental, the ADAS unit is comprised of Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Detection, Emergency Brake Assist, Lane Change Assist, Intelligent Headlamp Control, Traffic Sign Recognition and pedestrian detection. All of these systems and technologies are currently available in different cars or car companies today.

Contiguard, Continental’s safety group says that 70 percent of all serious accidents could potentially be avoided by driver assistance system. Advancing road traffic safety is a mission of the ADAS group. Which systems inside of ADAS are being sold the most? Will Continental be able to take those into emerging countries? What about in China? Angerbauer talks about being in China with EBA-City, which is Emergency Brake in City area. Continental was the first to market in China with the short range lidar for small city car segments.

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