TodayApril 16, 2022

Continental’s electronic-Tire Information Service (eTIS)

In addition to the standard functionality and benefits of Continental’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System solutions, Continental electronic-Tire Information Service (eTIS) provides the next generation of sensor technology.

Continental technology

Continental has created a sensor that is integrated into the tire to measure accuracy to the highest degree. Developed by Continental tire, another benefit of the Electronic Tire Information System, or eTIS, is the potential for reducing complexity. Utilizing signals from surround-view cameras and tire-mounted electronic-Tire Information System (eTIS) sensors emit an early warning.

The eTIS can read tread depth measurement and load detection to meet global legislation demands and inform the driver when to adjust the tire pressure to maximize the vehicle’s performance. Key players operating in the global electronic-tire information system (eTIS) market include WABCO and Continental AG.

The Continental tires eTIS sensors, fixed right under your tire tread, reports more than just your tire pressure. How does eTIS work? Watch the video and see how the e-TIS works.

Making Tomorrow’s Driving Even Safer

In addition to the standard functionality and benefits of Continental’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System solutions, our electronic-Tire Information System (eTIS) is a revolution for advanced tire information and cutting edge performance.

The eTIS solution provides full functional scalability. Vehicle manufacturers can choose their own functional strategy according to their specific needs.

Being integrated directly into the inner liner of the tire means that Continental’s solution offers a simplified, standardized electronic and mounting process for all customers, regardless of tire type or rim size – finally one size really fits all.

Furthermore, Continental is the only supplier that can offer in-house know-how for the full eTIS working environment – from the tire through to the chassis control architecture.

Lou Ann Hammond

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