V2X communications system

Technology is dependent on many components coming together at the same time, with the same precision. Dr. Marc Menzel, an expert on wireless communication at Continental AG talked to www.drivingthenation.com about M2XPRO communications. Continental is developing an M2XPro sensor that can be combined with Continental’s intelligent antenna module for use in the V2X communications system.

According to Continental, “the new M2XPro (Motion information 2 X Provider) sensor uses an intelligent fusion algorithm to provide other control units with a vehicle’s motion information together with a precise time base. The ability to determine the vehicle’s position precisely is essential, particularly for Car2X communication; to date, driving dynamics sensors or GPS have lacked sufficient precision and reliability, for example, because the GPS connection was occasionally interrupted when crossing bridges or driving between high buildings. “Since the vehicle’s precise position is needed for all Car2X functions, the M2XPro has taken us an important step further in the development of Car2X systems,” said Dr. Peter Rieth, Head of Systems & Technology in Continental Chassis & Safety Division.”

Combining all of these precise technologies allows cars to talk to each other and to infrastructure. Currently, the M2XPRO is a concept, but by 2015, the M2XPro will have been developed to the point that the sensor can be used in the first Car2X systems.