Dan Akerson, General Motors, 2011 Automotive Forum scrum

New York City, New York “ Dan Akerson gave the keynote speech at the Automotive Forum the day before the New York auto show. The forum was put on by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). Akersons speech was geared to the dealers in the audience.

Some of the highlights from Akersons speech:

Transformation is a wonderful thing. And Akerson says it has been a miracle minute by minute.

Akerson says the excitement is real. retail sales are up 28% ytd with a saar of 13-13.5 by General Motors.

There has been a 35% satisfaction increase including franchise value, and corporate helpfulness. It is the best performance in 6 years.

Akerson said that General Motors didnt always do a great job of listening, but they are working hard to build a positive long relationship with dealers.

Since General Motors has steamlined the dealer network more than 90% of dealers profitable. Those dealers are using higher profit’s to invest in people.

3,300 of 4,500 dealerships are in an upgrade program for their dealerships.

Akerson says that sales are up after the largest IPO in history, and after the Volt won North American Car of the Year (nactoy).

When it comes to fuel economy Akerson said that General Motors is better prepared today “ a world class small car “ chevy cruze best selling small car in the world with a 288% increase.

No one knows where the price of oil is headed, but GM is better prepared for the crisis.

Watch the scrum after the speech.

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