2007 Shell eco-marathon, Fontana, CA – David Sexton, President of Shell Oil Products U.S., discusses ethanol consumption and conservation in the U.S., and also the direction that the dependency for oil is headed.

How do you see the United States reducing the dependence of energy and oil?

We are at the Shell Eco-marathon where kids are vying for 2,000 mpg and 3,000 mpg vehicles. Is that an oxymoron for Shell?

Shell talks about conservation and renewables and gas-to-liquids. How is it people don’t know Shell as environmental? Is Shell too secretive by its nature.

The United States imports about sixty percent of its oil. 1.1 million barrels of oil that is imported is already refined. We could save $18 million a day if we bought it and then refined it in the United States. Will we see an oil refinery open up.

Port Arthur, Texas is supposed to expand to 600,000 barrels a day. Right now it is refining about 275,000 a day. Motiva is Shell’s partner in this venture. It costs $1.6 Billion to increase the refining that Shell has increased so far.