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December 12, 2014 Washington Post carchat

Ford announced the new SYNC3

Good Morning Warren and friends

I am in Detroit MI for a Ford event. This could be the first time I have said that the weather is better in Michigan, even though it is 32 degrees than it is in Northern California. We’re going to miss the storm only because we’re leaving Detroit late so that I can chat with all of you.

San Francisco has shut down their airport, we will fly into Sacramento, CA tonight. The winds and rain should be through by then. We live in Northern CA, the Sierra Nevada foothills, with trees on our property. The way I’m looking at is, there is a tree in the back of the house if it falls I get a new kitchen if the tree in the front falls I get a new living room. I’m good. :)

On Tuesday, on the eve of the storm, we gave back the Bentley Continental GTC V8 S. What a beautiful drive. Yes, it was $257,000, but occasionally it is wonderful to drive a thoroughbred, just to know what the difference is.

I also drove the Lincoln MKZ hybrid for $46,800 and 45 mpg. Last week I complained because the P-D-R- are next to the nav system and there was no stow away under the center console. I am happy to report the MKZ does have a stow-away and I am getting used to the buttons next to the NAV.

Ford announced the new SYNC3 (and the death of MY ford touch) which is way easier to use. Ford partnered with Panasonic, not Microsoft, on this project. SYNC 3 will support Apple’s SIRI.

Ford launched 23 vehicles this year, they plan to launch another 16 in 2015 and 12 performance vehicles globally by 2020. They have 3 vehicles, the Mustang, the F150, and the MKC up for a North American Car and Truck of the Year award.

Bill Ford introduced a new start-up program called Techstar Mobility – Ford, Magna International, and Verizon Telematics are combining to contribute $2 million to start-ups that will work in the mobility/auto sector.

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