Holiday season in California

Good Morning Warren and friends

Today will be the last chat of the New Year. I thought you would like to see an edited version of how my little town, Auburn, CA, throws a Christmas parade. I didn’t get the horses at this time, but maybe next year.

I drove the Lexus IS250 this week. It starts at $36,550 and gets about 27 mpg. A good competitor for the vehicle would be the Hyundai Genesis.

In my family, we say Merry Christmas. I don’t know all the ways to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Years the world over, but if you could take the sentiment that is sent with the words Merry Christmas and place them in your culture/language you would feel my heart sing as I told you Merry Christmas.

I will miss all of you and hope to chat with you in the New Year.

much love,


Let’s chat about cars:

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