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December 5, 2014 Washington Post car chat

Nissan Murano

Good Morning Warren and friends

It’s raining in California. It’s been raining, on and off, for four days now. The next week calls for rain, on and off, all week long.

In between raindrops yesterday we drove the new 2016 Nissan Murano around Sonoma, CA to Bodega Bay. If you want to take a road trip to California that really is a beautiful drive. And the new 2016 Murano is a beautifully designed crossover. Ken Lee, and his team in San Diego, CA, did an outstanding job on the exterior design of the car and the interior design, though I didn’t like the white leather with faux mother-of-pearl interior colors. I can’t see anyone buying that, especially if you have kids or animals.

The front-wheel-drive base price of the Murano starts at $29,560 (over $30,000 when you add the shipping and handling, which I still don’t understand how they can get away without adding that figure in) up to the base price for the all-wheel-drive Murano Platinum that starts at $40,600 plus shipping and handling.

I drove the Lincoln MKC this week and liked that vehicle. I don’t have the specs on it but the functionality was good and the mpg was fine. I didn’t like the placement of the P-D-R-on/off button. They were right next to the nav system where I put my hand to steady my finger as I push the button to change the radio channel.

If Lincoln had done anything with the center console – as Chrysler did with the pass-through on the Chrysler 200- I could see them putting the buttons up there, but they didn’t. I was talking to my friend, Henry Payne, with the Detroit News and it didn’t bother him to have the buttons up high.

If you’re looking for a nice hybrid sedan look at the Honda Accord touring hybrid that, while a tad high at $35,055, gets 47 mpg easily. It’s a car made for kids and commuting.

Has anyone seen the new Ford Mustang? I think Moray Callum, brother of the Jaguar designer, Ian Callum, has done a remarkable job with the exterior design of the Mustang. We drove it to Napa and a couple of people said they loved the new look and we agree. I’m not a big muscle car fan, more of a Maserati girl myself, but this Mustang had style and the interior is quiet and the new independent suspension allows some sway at the hips when you go around those corners.

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