Doug Quigley, engineering executive director of Chrysler’s Envi team talked to me at the 2009 Chicago auto show about Chrysler’s ENVI program.

Chrysler has been watching the electric press General Motors has received from it’s Chevy Volt and Cadillac Converj. It only made sense that Chrysler would put the spotlight on the electric vehicles they plan to make.

Quigley explains the difference between Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), electric vehicles (EV) and Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E-REV). Chrysler has shown pure electric or E-REV vehicles: the Dodge Circuit, the Chrysler 200C, the Jeep Patriot EV, the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited EV, and the Chrysler Town & Country EV.

Of course, just like General Motors, these vehicles depend on Chrysler being a viable entity to get a loan known as the federal bailout. Then both companies will also get part of the $25 billion DOE advanced technology money.