Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
With the development of Emergency Steer Assist, Continental, the international automotive supplier, is pursuing an entirely new approach to accident-prevention driver assistance systems. “Many of the systems in use today are restricted to intervening in the longitudinal dynamics, Emergency Steer Assist is the lateral dynamics complement to Emergency Brake Assist”, said Dr. Peter Laier, Vice President of the Chassis Components business unit of the Chassis & Safety Division.

“If the driver of a vehicle traveling at high speed has gone beyond the last possible point where braking would have an effect, it may still be possible to avoid an accident through steering, or by taking evasive action. This possibility is not yet being actively incorporated into driving safety.”

Emergency Steer Assist can now help drivers to steer past an obstacle. The first step is to have your car fitted with sensors for monitoring the road. ESA accesses the technologies which are already integrated into many vehicles. The lower the road surface friction coefficient, due to rain or snow for example, the greater the gap between the ‘braking’ or the ‘evasion’ options. This means that evasive action is still a possibility long after there is no more hope of avoiding the accident by emergency braking alone.

Watch this video as Dr. Laier explains Emergency Steer Assist