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Edelbrock: Made in the USA

Edelbrock Equipment Company

TORRANCE, Calif. (Apr. 26, 2005) From the board tracks to the dry lakes, to the modern manufacturing facilities of Edelbrock Corporation today, this beautiful, hardbound book tells the history of the performance aftermarket industry as it unfolds around Vic Edelbrock Sr. and many other pioneers of performance.

Names like Wally Parks, Alex Xydias, Ed Iskendarian, and Ed Pink are intertwined in the story about the beginnings of the Edelbrock Equipment Company in the late 1930s.

Veteran automotive journalist, Tom Madigan, spent three years interviewing these pioneers, traveling with the Edelbrock family, and researching the history of not only the industry but of racing in Southern California.

The story begins with Vic Sr.’s family and their journey to California from Kansas, then quickly transcends into the stories that spawned a large performance industry.

Finishing with a tribute to the wife of Vic Jr., Nancy Edelbrock, this book spans the decades through the good times and the bleak times of the automotive timeline.

Weighing in at five lbs., “Edelbrock: Made in the USA” is loaded with photos that have never been seen by the public until now. Collected from several hundred sources, original photographs came from Wally Parks, the personal archives of Vic Edelbrock Jr., past employees, friends of the Edelbrock family, and many more.

Pictures came straight from the bulletin board of Vic Sr.’s club, the Roadrunners. In fact, the original tracks were still hanging on in some cases!


“Competition and the quest for speed became a part of automobile heritage about the time the second car was built,” said author Madigan. “Just as the name Ferrari is synonymous with a sports car, and Harley-Davidson is with motorcycles, Edelbrock has come to define a culture “

The American automotive tinkerer who turns simple ideas into high-tech, high-performance technology.

Enthusiasts who purchase the book directly from Edelbrock ($40.00 tax, S/H) will receive a bonus! Vic Edelbrock Jr. will personally sign every copy sold through Coming soon: A special leather-bound edition that includes a limited edition, 1/18th scale die-cast replica of Vic Sr.s 32 Roadster.

“I am, of course, very proud of what my dad, my family, and all the many Edelbrock employees have accomplished over the last 67 years,” said Vic Edelbrock Jr., president, and CEO of Edelbrock Corporation. “Our story is the story of American ingenuity, the love of mechanical things, and going fast.

The world has changed many times since my dad first drove his 32 Ford roadster across the dry lakes of So Cal and Edelbrock has changed with it. It’s been quite an adventure, and I think people will really enjoy reading it.”

Founded in 1938 by Vic Edelbrock Sr., Torrance, Calif.-based Edelbrock Corp. is celebrating its 67th anniversary of manufacturing and marketing the highest quality aftermarket performance automotive and motorcycle products.

Edelbrock’s ever-expanding product line now features more than 8,100 performance products for domestics and imports. This includes nitrous systems, fuel rails, throttle bodies, exhaust headers, carburetors, mufflers, camshafts, fuel pumps, aluminum intake manifolds, turbos, exhaust systems, suspension, and shocks, EFI systems, aluminum cylinder heads, water pumps, crate engines, brake and fuel lines, and fluid transfer products.

Edelbrock also manufactures aftermarket parts for Harley-Davidson and other motorcycles, plus ATVs.

Edelbrock is recognized as a driving force in the $31 billion specialty-equipment industry. In addition to four production facilities in Torrance, the company owns and operates a state-of-the-art foundry in San Jacinto, Calif.

Edelbrock’s core product line of performance-enhancing engine, suspension, and exhaust system parts, which make up The Total Power Package, are manufactured in the USA. Edelbrock is also a manufacturer of racing products and a sponsor of several racing organizations, including NASCAR, the NHRA, and the PRO-Edelbrock Race Series.

Edelbrock media releases, product information, and high-resolution photographs are available online at

Edelbrock: Made in the USA
Edelbrock: Made in the USA
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