Festivals of Speed

Creator, Founder, Mike Vetter of MTVconcepts.com talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation about his “Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle” at the 2013 Festivals of Speed.

Vetter has been customizing vehicles since a teenager when he took the chassis of a Pontiac Fiero and made it into a Lamborghini replica, but has taken redesigning to a new level. Based on a Chevy Aveo we watch as the new Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle starts at ground level and raises up to be able to drive on the streets of Florida and over the speed bumps. The electric version is built on a Prius drivetrain, or a Nissan Leaf.

It’s a 4-passenger, two-door vehicle that uses sensors to see out the front and back. Retail price starts around $85,000, but average price runs around $100,000.