Good Morning Warren and Friends,

There were a couple of unanswered questions from last week, and I told you I would get back to you.

1. From the PR people at Mazda – “nothing to say about a MAZDASPEED-branded vehicle at this time”

2. From the Hyundai group concerning its company using used parts instead of new, “We follow the same practice as other OEM’s Products like audio, transmissions, and engines, along with a few others, are remanufactured. We actually have a smaller line of remanufactured parts than almost every other manufacturer. Any replacement part, whether new or remanufactured, has the original new car warranty. Remember the 10/100 is powertrain. The 5/60 covers the other components with exceptions such as tires and batteries, etc.”

3. From Honda on whether a honda civic hatchback is coming to the United States – “Yep! Later this year”

I am driving a Scion TC manual transmission this week, probably the last Scion I will drive badged as a Scion. Fortunately, the FR-S is going to go into the Toyota line-up. It is my favorite Scion.

Which make of vehicle is your favorite? Which model in that line-up is your favorite? You guys/gals always ask us that question, tell us yours.

Thanks for all the kind thank yous for the free tickets to the Washington Auto show. We hope to do it again next year and – once again – we hope to be there.

As always you can answer here or email me at lou at drivingthenation dot com.

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IMG_5035-300x225 February 5, 2016 Real Wheels live Washington Post car chat #carchat Automobiles and Energy Warren Brown

February 5, 2016 Real Wheels live Washington Post car chat