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February 7, 2014 Washington Post carchat

Chicago auto show

Good morning Warren and Friends

Warren is finishing up the Washington Auto show while I am at the Chicago auto show.

There were quite a few unveils, including

Nissan announced that FedEx would start using the NV200 as one of their fleet vehicles to deliver packages.
There was a world unveil of the Electric-powered Kia Soul, which plans to go head-to-head with the Nissan Leaf in driving range and price.
Subaru introduced its all-new Legacy sedan
2014 Dodge Journey Crossroad was unveiled
I talked to Elaine Bannon, the Chief nameplate engineer for the new Lincoln Navigator
I interviewed Ralph Gilles, President of design and the SRT brand in front of a brilliant green 2014 Dodge Viper that will only be sold for a limited time.
The Kia Niro concept made it’s U.S. debut as a possible rival to Nissan Juke.
Volvo V60 Polestar was another unveil – Polestar is the racing version for Volvo.
Volkswagen showed off their new Beetle racing car and
Toyota announced they would get into the Daytona racing starting in 2016.
Chevy showed Chevy Express Van competing with the Ford Transit
Nissan showed
Lexus was a sea of white – nothing but white cars throughout
The Hyundai Genesis was split in half so that you could see the whole car
Honda has a beautiful FCEV (fuel cell) that they were showing again
Acura showed their 2015 TLX prototype

Our favorite though was the Nissan NV200 that Nissan had set up as a kegger at their pre-party. Ingenious.

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