Chicago auto show

I’m at the Chicago auto show where Toyota has brought out the new Tundra. It looks huge in comparison to the new vehicles other car companies are bringing out. Small, contented, more horsepower, more torque.

Chevy is bringing out the Cruze diesel, the first diesel car since the ’80s, VW is bringing out the VW Beetle GSR (which means yellow, the black racer in German). Nissan is bringing out a Juke Nismo and 370Z Nismo.

All of these vehicles are small, but with a racing type component to them. This is what that segment needs. Some of these cars I get into I feel like Betty Flintstone on a hill, peddling with her feet to get the car up the hill. It’s not safe and it’s not fun, two components I have to have in my car.

At the Buick stand there were 300 children getting their feet washed and new shoes, all to help ‘s goal of putting 75,000 new shoes on needy children worldwide.

Now, let’s talk about cars.:

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