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Fisker automotive luxury-hybrid Karma

Fisker automotive Karma reveals at the 2008 Detroit auto show.



The Fisker Karma allows consumers to help protect the environment by driving emission-free for up to 50 miles per day

DETROIT, MI. Jan. 14, 2008 – With the introduction of the Fisker Karma, the world’s first luxury plug-in hybrid, Fisker Automotive, a green American car company, is poised to change the landscape of the automotive industry. In the past, being eco-conscious often meant sacrificing something for the greater good of the planet. But with the Fisker Karma, luxury automobile consumers will have the ability to buy an environmentally friendly vehicle without sacrifice “ a vehicle that will still deliver the superior style and luxury they are accustomed to.

Taking a novel approach to merging beauty and style with an environmental conscience, the Fisker Karma will offer consumers the ability to drive the car emission-free for up to 50 miles a day, provided the car is charged every evening. It’s feasible that if consumers follow this daily routine, they will only need to fuel the car but once a year. This means it will not only cut down on pollution and global warming but on a consumer’s gasoline budget as well.

“We’re focused on changing the face of the automobile industry by creating a new segment of eco-friendly transportation,” said Fisker Automotive, Inc. CEO Henrik Fisker. “We like to think that with this car, we’re doing our small part to help protect the environment. Allowing consumers the ability to drive emission-free not only cuts down on pollution but conceivably could reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil as well.”

Statistics show that the majority of pollution from automobiles occurs on consumers’ daily commute to and from work or dropping the kids off at school. Currently, more than 60% of Americans and Europeans are driving less than 50 miles on their daily commute. If this 60% of commuters would drive a plug-in hybrid like the Fisker Karma, we could see the fastest possible reduction both in oil consumption and emissions – all without sacrificing their daily driving habits. Additionally, plug-in hybrids have the potential to augment the planning of cleaner electrical power plants, ultimately producing a dramatic effect on our society and future generations.

The secret to the Fisker Karma’s revolutionary eco-friendly design lies in the Q DRIVE, a proprietary technology that was developed by Quantum Technologies and made exclusively for Fisker Automotive. The Karma’s Q DRIVE configuration consists of a small gasoline engine that turns the generator, which charges the lithium-ion battery pack, powering the electric motor and turning the rear wheels. This Q DRIVE technology will provide a base for all future derivatives from Fisker Automotive.

The Fisker Karma will offer partly self-contained climate control, as consumers will have the option to purchase a full-length solar roof that will help charge the car and provide cooling for the interior cabin while the car is parked. Additionally, Fisker Automotive will offer consumers an option to purchase a set of solar panels for their roofs or garages where they can generate electricity during the day to charge the car overnight…again cost and emission-free.

About Fisker Automotive, Inc.

Keeping with the company’s mantra of “Simply World Class”, Fisker Automotive and its retailers will offer a customer experience second to none. All retailers will be housed in eco-friendly facilities and will offer consumers a uniquely personal approach, including the ability to ask questions via video conference with an expert at Fisker Automotive headquarters and flexible scheduling based on consumer availability.

Fisker Automotive is a privately owned car company with Henrik Fisker serving as the CEO. Fisker Coachbuild, LLC will be the exclusive design house for Fisker Automotive through the entire range of product development. Additional executive team members include Vic Doolan, Board Member FA & Director of Retail Development; Alan Niedzwiecki, CEO Quantum Technologies & Board Member FA; Bernhard Koehler, COO; Thomas Fritz, Director of Engineering; and production design by Alex Klatt, formerly of BMW and Mark Clarke formerly of Porsche. This experienced team will help Fisker Automotive lead the future and redefine automotive design by creating the ultimate eco-chic car – cars that marry unparalleled style with environmental consciousness. Fisker Automotive will offer its range of cars worldwide with first deliveries starting in North America in the 4th quarter of 2009.

About Quantum Technologies (NASDAQ: QTWW):

Quantum is a publicly-traded, world leader and OEM supplier of state-of-the-art clean propulsion technologies, fuel and energy storage technologies and services including propulsion systems for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicles, compressed natural gas vehicles, liquid petroleum vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids based on advanced electronic control systems and Lithium-Ion batteries developed by Quantum’s strategic alliance partner Advanced Lithium Power Ltd. Quantum also provides engineering services including vehicle development and homologation and second stage vehicle manufacturing through its subsidiary Tecstar.

About Fisker Coachbuild, LLC:

Fisker Coachbuild, LLC is a privately owned company that has brought a new vision to the world of exotic, high-end performance sports cars. Their distinctively designed and expertly engineered automobiles are handcrafted using only the best quality materials and infused with cutting-edge safety technology. Fisker Coachbuild offers elegant and timeless sports cars of limited production providing the ultimate in exclusivity. The Fisker line is currently comprised of the Tramonto and Latigo CS. Creative design services are also carried out for further brand recognition within Fisker Coachbuild through merchandising. Designed by Fisker Coachbuild has also made its mark with the Artega GT design launched at the Geneva Auto Show in 2007. Now the future strategy will be to focus solely on the design of the environmentally friendly premium cars for Fisker Automotive, Inc.

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