You will want to attend the year-end gala of 2005 when Henrik Fisker and Bernard Kohler have the first public unveiling of their new designs. Prospects will be gathered at various events to gauge the interest in product and design. Production is scheduled to start during the second quarter of 2006.

Fisker Coachbuild is a new design studio for high-end sports cars. Henrik Fisker, CEO of Fisker Coachbuild and Bernhard Koehler, COO of Fisker coach build, will develop their vehicles and produce them in Southern California with the intention of worldwide distribution. Fisker is the designer and Koehler is the operations design guy who makes it all come to life.

Koehler earned a degree as a sculptor in 1984 and started with BMW design the same year. Bernhard moved to Los Angeles, California in 1997 and took the position of Director of 3D Services at Designworks USA. The role was to integrate and implement BMW quality standards and to establish a manufacturer and supplier network.

In 1999, Koehler was promoted to Director of Operations at Designworks and was responsible for the overall project and capacity planning. In January 2002, Bernhard moved to London and joined Ford Motor Company as the Director of New Business Development at ingeni. He was responsible for the design centers revenue targets for Ford Motor Company and other non-Ford clients. At the same time, Koehler was the manager responsible for Aston Martins modeling and operations for design and concept, which includes the DB-9 and the AM-V8 Vantage.

Henrik Fisker was the Director of Ford’s global advanced design studio (CAPC) in Irvine, Ca. Fisker was responsible for the Design of the Aston Martin DB-9, as well as the show-car and upcoming production car, the Aston Martin AM-V8 Vantage.

According to Fisker Coachbuild, the objective is to combine beautiful design with existing world-class engineering. The focus will be on designing and manufacturing exclusive high-end sports cars, which will be limited to 150 units per design and sold under the Fisker brand name.

The designs will boast all of Fisker’s creative efforts over the past 15 years in the auto industry and will incorporate some dynamic elements. Koehler’s 25 years of expertise in the 3D development and product quality will guarantee a smooth stream between the design and manufacturing process.

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